Maryaprude with Willis Raburu in the past

Holding my daughter! Willis Raburu’s ex-wife says on her most unforgettable moment

The loss of a child is something that most cultures agree should never happen to a parent. The pain can only be told by those unfortunate enough to have gone through the experience.

Two such people are Willis Raburu and his ex-wife, MaryaPrude. The two lost their only child, Adana on January 1st last year.

The toll of the loss was such that their once thriving marriage ended shortly after. And each has been trying to move on in their own way.

Is it to Willis Raburu? Read Maryaprude’s mature message about a past relationship

For Marya, sharing and speaking about her experience has been one of those ways. In a recent interview on YouTube, Marya narrated how holding her daughter, who is now deceased, was her best unforgettable moment in life.

During an interview with the Light Art Club YouTube channel she divulged, “The most beautiful, precious unforgettable time I have ever had was when I held my daughter in my arms.”

Taking pauses to think and reflect, one could tell that the painful wound of losing her child was still there. Mary also went on to describe what relationships should look like, saying that there are no perfect relationships in this life, whether it is between a person and their parents, friends, boyfriend or husband.

The reason for her assertion? Because human beings are complicated. And what was Marya’s biggest success so far in life?

She got emotional as she answered, saying, “Oh man, success, I would not say success but I would say, something that I am proud of. I am so proud because I got to pull myself from a very dark place and I had a reason to come back and be a better version of myself.”

Whatever happens I am happy that the bubbly lady is back to smiling and laughing again.

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