Willis Raburu with Joey Muthengi in a past event

Willis Raburu reminisces about working with Joey Muthengi (exclusive)

Willis Raburu is one of the most dynamic men in the entertainment industry. The man not only hosts a show on radio but also anchors on T.V and hosts the popular television show, 10 over 10.

I recently spoke to the man after pregnancy rumours were spread about his wife. The journalist refused to either deny nor confirm whether his wife was pregnant.

The host with his wife
The host with his wife

But he was more open about another aspect of his life, his career. I asked him whether he missed working with Joey Muthengi his co-host on 10 over 10?

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His response was that he did. He then went on to list many positive characteristics about his former colleague, saying,

Joey has an amazing work ethic. She takes her job very seriously in terms of research. Basically I am a guy of winging it, I am a spontaneous guy but Joey will not only research but also go deep into stuff. Even after the show she will stay on to make sure that things are o.k. We had good chemistry.

Joey with Willis in the past
Willis Raburu with Joey Muthengi in a past event

I also asked him which drugs he was taking to be able to do all the shows he does in one day? Willis who is bubbly hilariously responded that it was the Holy Spirit who gave him the energy, and I believe him.

Willis on 10 over 10
Willis on 10 over 10

The man also admitted that he sleeps for 4-5 hours a day. He said that the punishing schedule does take a toll on him after some time and that he has to take time away from the office to decompress and rest. ‘The first 3 days when I am on leave I switch everything off and just sleep. I also meditate for about an hour,’ Willis confided.

Willis on stage
Willis Raburu on stage

He confessed that his best way of relaxing was to Netflix and chill.

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