Marya Prude with Willis Raburu

Willis Raburu and new girlfriend expecting child – Source tells Edgar Obare (photos)

It seems that Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu might have finally moved on from his disastrous marriage with beauty Maryaprude.

Willis Raburu with ex Maryaprude 2
Willis Raburu with ex Maryaprude 2

The two who separated (then eventually divorced) in March last year after the demise of their first-born daughter. And until this week, most of us thought that the two had taken a break from dating but it seems that Willis is back on the scene.

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And not only that, the man not only has a girlfriend but that she is with child! yes, you read that right! These juicy claims are according to reliable source Edgar Obare who posted the images on his Instagram page.

Willis on stage
Willis Raburu on stage

From what Edgar Obare’s source says is that the media personality and his new lady are expecting a baby together.

Willis Raburu with his new girlfriend
Willis Raburu with his new girlfriend

Edgar’s sources added that the new lady is called Ivy Namu and from her followers; she’s a known influencer.

Willis Raburu's alleged new girlfriend
Willis Raburu’s alleged new girlfriend

This will come as a shock to many as it wasn’t just 6 months ago that both Willis and Maryaprude spoke about their still-born child Adana.

Many (including I) thought that Willis was still healing from the painful loss of his baby and subsequently his marriage but it seems that the 10 over 10 host is built differently.

One thing I will add though is that Mr. Raburu has made sure he has done things differently with this new woman. He has kept her and her identity of the interwebs unlike his relationship to Maryaprude.

Willis Raburu shows his weight loss
Willis Raburu shows his weight loss

In a past interview, he had said his biggest regret in his failed marriage was exposing Marya to the public.

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