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Aren’t you too old? Willis Raburu defends hosting teen show 10 over 10

Willis Raburu is a man at the top of his game currently. The Citizen T.V host enjoys the fame and fortune he has because of some of the aspects of his character.

What is that? His hard work and diligence. These traits have seen him become an anchor on the station and not only that, he also hosts the popular 10 over 10 show. But there are some critics who are unhappy with Willis hosting the latter.

Willis Raburu
Willis Raburu hosting the lunch bulletin on Citizen T.V

The reason; He is too old for the segment’s demographic, a criticism that Willis has been reluctant to deal with…up to now. The media practitioner explained in a detailed Facebook post, that ever since he was a kid, he knew journalism was his first love.

He said;

You see I had always dreamed from when I was a young boy of hosting a show, when I was 7 years old I would read to my mum the newspaper.

Willis Raburu on 10 over 10
Willis Raburu on 10 over 10

Willis said that when he was in university, his passion was so deep that he even charged people KSh 30 to attend a show he single-handedly came up with. He explained;

When I joined campus I revived it, the people of Moi University, main campus, remember WAYNE LIVE, a show I would charge 30 bob entry fee.

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He then got blessed with the opportunity to have a T.V job on Citizen T.V that catapulted him to the public spotlight but Willis wasn’t satisfied still. His desire to host a T.V show hadn’t abetted and when he got the opportunity to host 10 over 10, he took it gladly!

Willis Raburu on 10 over 10
Willis Raburu on 10 over 10

That move fulfilled his deepest desire and now he is at peace, something he is happy with despite the criticism that he has refused to grow up.

His multi-dimensional career and work-ethic reminds me of American entertainer, Michael Strahan. The former NFL player has parlayed his popularity from the game into various gigs.

Michael Strahan
Michael Strahan

He is currently a football analyst on Fox NFL Sunday and co-host of ABC’s Strahan and Sara which he does on the week-days in the morning. 

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