Willis Raburu

She made us get suspended! Willis Raburu says about crazy ex

Willis Raburu hasn’t been forthcoming about his marriage to Maryaprude and who can blame him?

Most people would like to avoid speaking about their personal lives especially when that part of their life isn’t a bright spot at the moment.

But their are things that the multi-talented and hard-working TV personality is okay speaking about. Willis who hosts the popular 10 over 10 show was interviewed recently by MC Jessy and their conversation heralded some interesting truths.

Mc Jessy with Willis Raburu
Mc Jessy with Willis Raburu

Willis explained that he wasn’t always the goody two shoes personality that many see of him today. The burly news anchor revealed that he had once been kicked out of school.

And the reason will shock. It wasn’t the usual culprit of drugs, stealing or truancy. No…It was all because of a woman! Willis’ first  girlfriend to be precise.

Willis Raburu

Mr. Raburu narrated that despite his father being strict, his son was a joker and his liaison with Grace – his bae, back then – made it worse.

Willis told Jessy that he was in love with Grace but he wasn’t ready for how far she would go for their love-leading to his first suspension.

Willis Raburu grieves for his late daughter in emotional tweet

She was so crazy that she would always be touching him in class despite an earlier warning from their principal.

This eventually led to the two being suspended after they were caught by the school authorities, an event that Willis said was very embarrassing for him at the time.

“Alikuwa kichwa ngumu, sampuli ya hii ya Moses Kuria. It was really a case, we were supposed to! And they became serious about it and they (school teachers) even started weeding people out. Next time ukipatikana suspension.”

Willis Raburu chilling
Willis Raburu chilling

Talk about puppy love! The presenter also added that he had scored a D+ at Maths in Chemilil Sugar Academy despite working hard.

“I was in Chemilil Sugar academy. My hardest subject was Mathematics. No matter the efforts I put in my studies I managed to get a D+,” he said.

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