Willis Raburu celebrates his parents on their 40th wedding anniversary

Willis Raburu is a happy man as his parents celebrated their 40th marriage, something he looks forward to achieving with his own wife Marya Prude.

Raburu’s parents have aged gracefully and in an era where the institution of marriage is increasingly being painted negatively, theirs is something worth emulating.

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Willis took to his social media to celebrate his parents with the message below

“Happy 40th Wedding anniversary to my mom and Paps. 40 years of marriage!!! You are trailblazers. @maryaprude and I love you!!”


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Here area few messages from the fans celebrating the couple for their love and effort to sustain a marriage
iamsimplyderek…Willis you’re exactly 50% your mum and 50% your dad on the looks. Regards and HAPPY anniversary to them. How did they do it?

nduta_wa_maina: I see dad in you blessed

kihupaul: Congrats to them. Make sure you learn the trick. @willisraburu you such an inspiration to me. How I wish I will come to meet you soon.

antonynyongesa: Good to see mzee. Was a tough talking PC some years back

brendaswtie: Your parents look alike… Wow

ggakuthi: Ndoa kusimama wima eeh c kama kawa…Happy anniversary

amenyajared: Na buda yako ni mjanja, ali marry a much younger girl, hata I think that is what you did also, mko na taste jamaa

jopio.71: Happy anniversary bwana pc

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