William Ruto-My daughter wanted to emulate politicians who abuse drugs

Deputy President William Ruto had a deeply revealing conversation yesterday when he spoke at the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya National Convention 2022, held at Nairobi Baptist Church.

The most fascinating part of the talk was that the presidential candidate divulged that drug use was also an issue among politicians.

As an example, he said his own daughter had asked for permission to take wine and had defended the idea by citing other people in their circles who also took it.

But Mr. Ruto wasn’t for the idea and dissuaded his daughter from that cause of action.

“Drug abuse is a serious issue and it goes back to the role of our religious institutions, the correct teaching standards in schools and the examples we set as leaders in the public space – because my daughter once came to me and asked if there is anything wrong with taking wine.”


“For a minute I didn’t know what to say, but I said, of course, there is everything wrong with taking wine. She told me but there are so many people who do it…We have a real issue as parents we have to take our responsibilities very seriously. This requires an army to deal with and everyone needs to take their role,” he added.

Mr. Ruto went on to urge parents to discourage the vice saying he had already discouraged his own children to shun all manner of drugs. 

Ruto even recalled how Bishop Mark Kariuki and Bishop J. B. Masinde had come to him challenging him to talk with politicians since the youth were emulating their behaviour.

“Last year, Bishop Mark Kariuki and Masinde came to my office and told me. ‘Mr. DP our children are looking at you leaders please make sure you are giving a good example in public.’ And the subject was about drugs.”

He finished,

“It is not only a problem with young people but everybody including leaders. We have a very serious drug issue in our country.”

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