Will She Listen? Zari threatens Akothee during their vacation in Malindi


It is no secret that Zari and Akothee are friends who respect each other, and also who have alot more in common than many credit them for.

Zari and Akothee are currently in Malindi where the gal pals are having a blast.

Zari is concerned her pal who was ailing needs to relax. In a sweet message, she urged Akothee to take as much rest as needed or else

Glad to see you happy again, finish the meds or I’ll personally drag you back to the hospital (topic not open for discussion, it’s an order)

Photos: Akothee and Zari Hassan vacay in Malindi in style

The vacay is quite timely as Akothee was recently released from hospital where she was admitted at Karen Hospital for exhaustion.

Akothee has been in and out of hospital due to fatigue and even collapsed while performing on stage.

Akothee collapses while performing in Kisumu



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