Zari the boss lady

‘I will sacrifice my kids souls if I ever cheated on you’ Zari to ex Diamond

Zari Hassan has responded to Diamond Platnumz’ allegations that she cheated on him with her gym instructor and Nigerian artist Peter Okoye of P Square.

Zari says that Diamond’s words should not be believed.

Never believe a man who once too many times denied HIS OWN blood, I mean HIS OWN. What other truth can come out of his mouth?

I will sacrifice my kids souls if I ever cheated on you. Own your mistakes and use them to grow and change into a better man. You can still reform.

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Zari blasts Diamond
Zari blasts Diamond

‘She was dating her gym instructor’ Diamond on why he dumped Zari

When your music is no longer enough…… Kik ni nani… Z.A.R.I Nyt fam

Zari Hassan's message to Diamond
Zari Hassan’s message to Diamond

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She adds

By now my ex will be telling hi! new girlfriend, how bad I was and the girl too will be feeling pity for him… thinking she’s a Saint two idiots.

Zari's message
Zari’s message

Well the drama between the boss lady and her ex seems to be getting crazier by the day, keep it Classic as we watch this unfold.

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