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Will reality TV be relevant in 2020?

Reality TV dates back in the 1940s but in early 1990, it was given serious attention.
Hollywood has set the standards high with popular shows like “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” “Wags” “Bachelor” “Got Talent” among others
Critics say the cast generate stories, are stage-managed or told what to do or say that is to say that most of them are scripted.
Well, here is Kenya, reality TV shows are on the rise. Here are some reality TV shows that Kenyans glued to their screens to watch in 2019
Bahati Reality
This is a reality TV show by gospel singer Bahati who showcases his daily life, family and music career. The show was previously titled “Being Bahati” but rebranded to “Bahati Reality”
The singer’s popularity might have been the reason he was stirred to start a reality Tv show for his fans, to show the insights of what fans never see.
Nairobi Diaries
Nairobi Diaries has brought to fame names like Mishi Dorah, Bridget Achieng, Risper Achieng, Brian, Pendo and others.
The show is dominated with drama and exposes on the personal lives of the cast.
East Africa Got Talent
It made its debut this year in East African countries showcasing talents from different countries and saw two young singers from Uganda walk away with millions of money.
Madam president
Hundreds of women are given an opportunity to battle it up for the “Ms President” title but only one winner is chosen. It is a show that irons women to being better leaders.

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