We will never apologize for anything – Kenyan wives taunt men

Fellas, if you are hoping your wife will apologize for a mistake she has made (mostly it’s what men do to them), you can quickly banish that thought from your mind.

They will never apologize according to confessions they made on the Tuesday morning conversation with Maina Kageni.

And it also doesn’t help that Maina encourages them to be themselves.

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Here are reasons why wives don’t like apologizing.

  1. An extreme sensitivity to negative judgment
  2. It’s her coping mechanism from a cruel world

So now that you know that, here are responses to Mainas question to women about why they don’t and will never apologize arising from a complaint by a man who has noticed that wives don’t like apologizing:

A Caller told Maina that ‘ we don’t apologize. I can’t remember the last time I apologized to my man.’ #MainaAndKingangi

Another caller to the studio said ‘I was with my man then nikaenda kusalimia mtu nikamuwacha then when I came back, alikua amekasirika. So men always find away to turn the table around.’ #MainaAndKingangi

Maina I am married to a Nigerian man for 10 years, with 3 kids but there is no day he wrongs me and he doesn’t say sorry at time he even apologize if I wrong him and he reacts the wrong way
The problem is Kenyan men feel like apologizing is not a manly thing which is very wrong

Women must never apologise

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If Eve did not apologize to God how do you expect common Kenya ladies can do it

Maina I don’t know whether I was born that way but it’s difficult for me to say sorry. But the good thing is : I was married to a Tanzanian who apologizes every time even when am wrong



We apologize in other ways not in words Maina……Cook for him his favourite meal,,Iron his clothes,be a good wife in bed etc Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joySmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyesSmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes #MainaAndKingangi

Maina we apologise indirectly.
We cook for them their favorite dish and treat them more more sweetness than usual.

Apologize for what?

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