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‘My wife thinks I died in the ill fated Ethiopian plane yet I am alive’ City man

A city man has been left in a dilemma on whether to call his family or not after lying that he was travelling in the ill fated Ethiopian plane in March.

*Peter called a local radio station to ask for advise. He says

I work as a CCTV installer and I got a job to go install the same in Ethiopia.

We traveled and completed the job and came back toNairobi but I lied and told my wife that the job was still incomplete.

I was staying at my mpango wa kando’s place. My plan had been to stay at her place for four days before travelling back upcountry to my wife.

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remains of the crashed plane ET 30
remains of the crashed plane ET 30

The problem was I told her that I was to travel back from Ethiopia on 10th March 2019 yet I had already came back to Nairobi on 6th/3/2019.

While at my mpango’s place we saw news of the ill fated Ethiopian plane that crashed killing everybody. I had told my family I was in that plane.

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He adds

My family went ahead with burial preparations and buried a banana plant (mgomba) according to our customs.

I want to go home but I do not know what to do.I have now rented a house ,changed my phone number so that they would not contact me.

I just want to go home and meet my family. I have two kids and they also know that I died yet I am still alive.

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