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‘My wife slept with our pastor so I got another girl pregnant’ Brags city man

We all look for a prayerful partner but that is one quality that has left a city man so pissed to an extent of terming his wife’s prayer as noise to his ears.

According to *Peter* his wife’s prayers only seem to agitate him given that she is adulterous and is only using prayer to hide her true nature.

A black woman praying

We have all heard the phrasePrayer can move mountains’ but Peter is hearing none of that .He would rather have his mountains or problems just where they are.

I am not saying my wife should not pray, but she over prays and it is becoming noise to my ears.

My bible tells me that too much of everything is bad including prayers. She thinks that praying out loud every night will stop me from cheating on her.

She thinks that praying loud to my ears will make me tell my girl to abort our baby, no it won’t she is even making me more harden.

‘She has cheated on me with 9 men, yet I keep forgiving her’ Cries city man


‘My 4-year-olds classmate asked her for s3x’ Cries shocked parent

Peter goes on to advise his wife to leave the marriage given that he is not planning on changing his womanizing ways.

My dear wife please save yourself the stress, I am an African man and I can have as much women as I want, you cannot control me for anything.

So stop all that noise you are making in my house because I will have to bundle you to church.

If you are tired of the marriage leave in peace because even God won’t force me to marry you.

When you were cheating with your pastor why did you not pray those  loud prayer?

To my wife may thunder strike you.

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