‘My wife cheated with the driver and she is unapologetic’ cries city man

Would you forgive your spouse if they cheated on you? That’s the dilemma a city man is in after finding out the wife is cheating with their driver.

I remember my Sunday school teacher taught me that we should forgive each other “seventy times seven times” .

The verse above however has not stopped *Tom from wanting to revenge and making his wife pay for her mistakes.

I have become a bitter man and I am determined to hurt my wife. I want to expose her nude pictures all over the Internet because she cheated on me and she is not even remorseful about it.

We don’t have children yet and she is still very beautiful and has a perfect body to marry again so I want to mess her up same way she did .

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I have been suspecting she was cheating with my driver so I mounted a camera in my servant quarters because that is where they used to meet.

The camera captured all the dirty things they did .


He goes on to add that despite being found out his wife was not apologetic instead she asked for a divorce adding that he is so tiny below the belt to be able to satisfy her sexual urges.

She was giving another head.A common driver a head yet  she will never do with me . I hate that woman .

I want to hurt her so bad the way she hurt me.

And when I showed her the video and expected an apology she insulted me and called me a small dick and told me she wants a divorce.

I felt humiliated ,so I sacked my driver but I don’t want to divorce her till I expose her body all over the internet.

Do you think him exposing her nudes on social media will help the situation?

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