‘My wife caught me in bed with my neighbors daughter’ Cries city man

A Kenyan man has been left licking his ego after he was caught by his wife in bed with his neighbors daughter. He is contemplating suicide.

The man who was identified as *James* shared his predicament with a local radio station saying that he is sorry about the mess he has created.

*James* says

The devil got into me and I slept with my neighbors daughter , the eyes saw and the body liked and my wife caught me in the act.

My wife went away to her sister’s place and efforts to reach them have been futile. I  only slept with my neighbors daughter once.

We did this in our matrimonial bed.

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Young couple in bed, looking away from each other
Young couple in bed, looking away from each other

I heard the door being knocked and on opening the door I met my wife standing at the door, at that moment I wished that the world would swallow me.

My wife and I have been married for the last seven years.

I have already written a suicide note because I feel I have reached my end. I only wish she can forgive me.

On being told that her husband has threatened to commit suicide, the wife says

He is late, he should actually hurry the process. It is the first time and I do not want to talk to him.

Chuma yake iko motoni and I am going back to that house he should wait for what awaits him.

A couple angry at each other

According to a study, there are many reasons why married people cheat. Upwards of 40 percent of married couples are impacted by infidelity, and despite the high percentage, most people—even those who stray—will say that cheating is wrong.

Risk factors such as personality disorders and childhood issues, as well as opportunities such as social media and poor boundaries, can increase the chance that one of these reasons will actually lead to some type of affair.

Frustration in the marriage is one common trigger—the cheater may make several attempts to solve problems to no avail. Maybe she had second thoughts about getting married or he was jealous over the attention given to a new baby and neither had the skill set to communicate these feelings.

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