Wife blasts husband for allowing his mother to sit in the front seat


Does this ever happen in Kenya? Like for real?

Who should sit in front;  the mother in law or the wife?

As a man, the worst person to have in the front seat of a car is your mother, according to arguments going viral on Twitter regarding this topic.

The video below has elicited 78k views and equal responses.

Based on what I see in this video, it shows that mom and wife have unresolved issues that the husband is yet to properly address. So the argument about the front seat was  just the tipping point. Have a look below.


The video and the following argument divided the internet, as some sided with the mother while others said the wife was right. Here are comments:


It’s really not that deep. It’s his mom. She was there first in his life and in the car, so go sit in the back seat.

My wife will never sit in the backseat of a car she pays for and my mom would never raise this issue.

Bro .. my wife woulda been DUBBED AND SINGLE if she EVER acts this way with the Woman that birthed and raised me … no questions asked no answers needed

As someone who was married to a mommas boy, I understand. Wholeheartedly. And every man in the comment section saying “mom comes first” is exactly why I would never get married again.

Wifey gets the front seat. The mom is being divisive and not being considerate. Mom should know her place.

Mom gotta get to the back seat.. Matter fact.. Leave mom on the side walk. This is my wife, my queen. She gets first dibs with me. No way around it. If mom got a problem she can kick rocks. Never ever have your wife looking crazy in public or private.

My mom would respect the union and would have gotten in the backseat. I have sons and would respect my son’s wives and move to the backseat. The mother is pulling a power move to show the wife her position which she shouldn’t have to do. I blame the son

THE MOTHER HAS NO RESPECT !!! As a proper mother, you will sit in the back! No questions asked ! As a man You go and take a woman out of her house and build a new home and family. We get you love your mother and respect her but your wife comes first from the time of ” YES, I DO”

Clearly it’s more than just the backseat and you can tell. His mom had probably been running her mad knowing her son will listen to anything she says. It’s definitely more that just a seat in a car. And honestly it’s her car. The mother knows what she’s doing and I can’t stand it

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