Nlicharazwa’I went fighting my husband’s side chick and she beat me up’ narrates wife

Women are known to react quickly to anger especially when other women known to Kenyans as mpango wa kando are involved in a relationship with their hubby’s.

A woman has found herself embarrassed after been thoroughly whipped by t the other woman after she decided to confront her ,things got even more worse after her hubby added to the beating after learning what her wife had done.


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She wrote

“I went fighting my husband’s side chick and she beat me up,that was not the end,my husband came home and added to the beating.
I noticed he was always hiding his phone do I got the password logged in,saw the chat with one silly girl,I got her number, tracked her and went to fight her but she over powered me and beat me up.

I had to get somone to drive me home,I guess she called my husband and he came home from work and added his own slaps .I feel so useless ,i feel so pained

She goes on to add that she is thinking of using charm on her man to get back at him

“I want to hurt my husband do bad,If I see juju now I will use it on him .He made me feel small just because I was protecting what we have .How do I react when he gets back .Do i Pour hot water on him or hot oil.”

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Here are some of the comments from readers advicing the woman on how to best handle her issue

_ucheyyibe_Pour him acid
obatoladawoduJust let go…he sure doesn’t want you.
timi_ejohMen will always cheat, serves u right.. Next time u won’t go near his phone. Just nurture what u have already
rhikswigs_Nop…. pour acid on him acid will work fast fast yeye🙂😌
vikky_ijTruth be told. No reasonable wife goes fighting side chicks this days. All you need do is work harder, safe enough to leave peacefully when it become totally unbearable.
idem_glow_organicsAnger doesn’t solve anything,think before you act,u better calm down before u do worse cuz the way ure talking clear say ur blood still dey boil.
churchgurl207You’re just a miserable woman..why would u go and fight he’s side chicks? That’s what I as a woman would never do..its your husband you’re supposed to fight mad woman..When my dad do cheats we don’t have issues with he’s side chicks rather we quarrel him till he gets the heats and change for a while..Miserable woman..oya pour hot oil on your husband out of foolishness…
faanah1Get pins ND place several pieces on his bed and the chair… Thank me later
j.u.b.a.b.yHoney it’s not by force u can’t force him to be with you. Heal be happy and gradually disconnect from him emotionally and mentally. U only leave once live for you

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