‘My Wife Is Always Inciting Me To Fight Other Men Especially Club Bouncers,’ Angry Man Reveals

Some women are just crazy. They will do anything just to hurt their better halves especially if they are the silent killer types.

They will incite fights and run to their husbands for help or leave them to fight on their behalf but why?

Well, a Kenyan man is not happy with his wife. According to this well-mannered man, his wife always incites him to fight other men especially club bouncers, waiters, and even matatu conductors/matatus who are known to be fierce beings on earth.

He is tired of his wife’s behaviour and he needs your help.

“My wife has this stupid habit of picking unnecessary fights with other men when she is with me. She insults waiters, bouncers, matatu passengers and on one occasion, a policeman. Last week, she showed two makangas the middle finger and told them they could do nothing to her because she was with her husband (me). Two weeks earlier, she dragged me into a pub fight, which ended with me being beaten like a thief. I went home with a swollen nose and torn trousers. How do I stop this nonsense?”

My brother, if she incites a fight with a man please take her handbag and leave. Do not interrupt what God has planned..:-)

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