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‘My wife acts like a serpent in the bedroom’ Cries shocked city man

A Kenyan man has taken to social media to show his disgust at his wife for what he feel is childish behavior even though to some it’s not.

In marriage exploring should be a welcome gesture, however for this man it is disgusting. Narrating his ordeal he says

 “My wife is 35 years going 36, but she acts very very childish which irritates and disgust me especially in bed for what she does during intimacy.

She licks her lips and acts like a slut, I hate it when she touches herself during intimacy or hold her [email protected]@bs.

Many times she will be biting  and rolling her tongue like a serpent snake and I hate it.

I have begged her but she will pick a fight and insult me.”



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He adds

“Why will a grown woman be doing all those rubbish meant for little girls, sometimes she tries to twerk with her big tummy that will be vibrating and she ends up looking stupid.

The other day she tried giving me a lap dance and I pushed her away because she was looking like a serpent with that white hair she was wearing.

I have tried to communicate with her but it ends up leading to a big fight, she has even threatened to cheat on me, called me old school and a foolish man .”


She said what she does is what other men wish their own wives can do but  I don’t like it.”

In conclusion the man says that despite his wife saying that she does all things because it is what every man wants, it does not suit her.

“It does not fit her, or is for the younger girls,We have not even been intimate for 2 months now, I love straight women, not dramatic women.

I am getting really tired of the marriage, Can someone advise us please.”

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