Why you should blend up the Avocado stone and eat it



– Researchers tested an avocado seed extract on macrophages, white blood cells that stimulate the immune system and increase inflammation

– The macrophages were activated with a molecule both with and without the presence of the extract

– When the extract was present, they found that inflammation was suppressed

– Scientists say this offers evidence that the extract could be used as a food ingredient or as a pharmaceutical drug

– But experts say that past studies have shown the stone can be toxic when consumed in high quantities

The healthiest part of an avocado could be the pit that most people throw away, a new study suggests.

Researchers from Penn State University found that an extract in avocado seeds reduced inflammation caused by white blood cells.

The team says the findings are evidence that the extract could be turned into a food ingredient, or even used as a pharmaceutical drug.

However, experts are skeptical and say the research is in its early stages and that past studies have shown that, if consumed in high quantities, the stone could actually be toxic.

Several studies have shown that the fruit can raise levels of HDL ‘good’ cholesterol, increase nutrient absorption from other foods and help with weight loss.

The yellow-green flesh inside is eaten on everything from salads to toast, but the skins and seeds are generally discarded.


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