Why we kept our pregnancy private – Evelyne Wanjiru

Gospel singer Evelyne Wanjiru says despite being excited by the fact they were going to be parents, they chose to keep the news off social media.

Evelyne’s husband Agunda said they agreed to keep their pregnancy away from social media until they welcomed their baby.

Speaking on their YouTube channel, the couple, who welcomed their firstborn 10 years after marriage, said it was an answered prayer.

Evelyne said she learned she was pregnant while on a US tour last year, two days after the burial of her father-in-law.

“After some funny cravings, I took the pregnancy test alone and finding out it was positive, I was shocked that I fell in the toilet,” she said.

“I was shaking and crying. I didn’t know what to do. I was confused. I took a photo and sent it to my husband.”

Agunda said he had that conviction that she was pregnant.

“There was joy on my face although I couldn’t show it and everything changed in my mind and I started thinking like a father,” he said.

“The excitement was much. It’s been a whole journey and still learning.”

The couple only told a few friends and family about the pregnancy.

They announced their blessing early this month after their son was born.

“We agreed not to tell our fans since some blessings are to be hidden,” Agunda said.

“You don’t announce before you harvest. As Christians, we are in a warfare world and not everyone is happy about your blessings.” 

Evelyne added, “Not everything has to go on social media. There are things you need to keep private. Those who know us know that we can never post in our bedroom since it is our sacred place and that is where babies are made from.”

The new mum said the new generation has gone too far, sharing their bedroom life for likes and clout.

“For us it is not about clout, having waited for God for some things to happen, we hold some things so dearly and cover them until they manifest.”

The couple is looking forward to enjoying the journey of parenthood.

Agunda said he cannot wait to treat his child the best way that God will allow him to.

Evelyne said her son was given the name ‘Mshindi’ by his late grandfather since he will be a winner in all he does in life.

“Your entire family is so in love with you! We are excited to see you grow and become that great person God intended you to be!”


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