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Why Stivo Simple Boy’s ex Pritty Vishy set her dowry at Sh2 million

Pritty Vishy, the ex-girlfriend to Stivo Simple Boy has said her dowry currently stands at Sh 2 million and added that she does not want any cows as dowry.

“My dowry is 2 million, I do not want cows. I want money, if someone wants to bring cows they would rather buy me a car. Why would my mum be gifted cows?”

Asked why she feels she is worth that much, Pritty revealed she has a lot of good qualities and declared that she won’t be settling for anything less.

“2 million is not a lot. As long as you know your worth set standards and don’t settle for less.”

On the type of man she is looking for, she responded,

“I want a man with money, I do not want someone who is struggling. Someone who respects me, all the other qualities we will look for them.”

Vishy says all her wababas have run away from her for fear of being exposed now that she is a celebrity.

My wababas are doing good. They however left me because I have now become a public figure. They were afraid of being found out by their wives. Currently, I am single. I do not love Stevo anymore, I do not hate him either. Stivo and I are not dating in case you see us together it will be for business.”

Pritty had in a past interview revealed she had cheated on Stevo with 

The content creator who started dating Stivo in 2019 added that she had 3 ‘Wababas’ and they would spoil her more than the singer could. 

“I have ever cheated on him, but with a Mubaba (an old man) 3 Wababas. The Wababas used to spoil me with money, Stevo did not know it. I do not feel guilty about it, there is no room for regret,” she said.

After announcing their break-up, Pritty says more older men are preying on her in social media DMs.

“There are Wababas in my DM, some of them are so old. But I reformed, I can not go back. My DM is so full.”

The upcoming You tuber says fame has come with its fair share of negativity.


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