Why more Kenyan women prefer the tampon over pads 

A shortage of tampons in the city has alarmed many Nairobians.

Women are expressing their frustration on social media, at being unable to find this particular female hygiene product in their local store.

This is not the first time tampons have been scarce, and it’s use suggest more users prefer it to the pad. Why?

I spoke to some of my colleagues and many who use tampoons decried its shortage saying they prefer it because

1. It’s not as uncomfortable as having something so visible in the panties

2. You don’t see any blood

3. It is not messy

4. You don’t have to change frequently

5. You can go swimming

6. There is no smell

7. They don’t feel the sweat that pad users feel

Here are reactions on the shortage;
I have tried 5 supermarkets this week and nothing. A supermarket should not be allowed to run if they can not stock tampons. It is infuriating really. Like tampons are now a luxury or something. Smh

I have been complaining about this since Dec! OB super and Kotex super haziko 😥

Karanja Marigu..
Yes i noticed it too when i shopped last month for them. whats happening? Access to tampons is a basic human right!!

Edith Gitau..
I experienced the same thing in november (while in Nakuru) went to like 4 different supermarkets. It’s so frustrating

Nyoremo® 👑..
Come back to good old sanitary towel 😊

Nilitumwa juzi …went through all supermarkets in the hood…..got lucky at a new one where no one shops as yet

Can’t seem to find Tampax anywhere… I cringe at the thought of a shortage

Girls, what do you use to manage your monthly periods? Leave your comments below. Sanitary napkins vs tampon users.

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