Why Kenyan men will never reveal their secret wives and children

If you’re not listening to Classic 105, you are missing out big time.

Countless men confessed how they have secret wives and children out there and will never be man enough to tell their wives.

They all pledged to die with their secret because their wives are ‘SIMBAS’ who will give them hell if this information is shared.

This discussion arose after Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko shared the late Ken Okoths secret of a wife and son out there.

Maina Kageni had some interesting thoughts about Sonko not keeping secrets

The truth will set your free, Sonko did the right thing coz if they had hidden that child we would have found out when he is 18, why do you go out there to have more kids, don’t you have enough? Why can’t y’all just keep your zippers up? Seriously! Why are you causing a situation? I find that a very lame excuse there is something called protection if you really must go skinny dipping.’

This did not perturb men, who called in confessing their naughty deeds.

One man said

I have one person out there, I can’t tell my wife itakuwa shida nyumbani, coz I found out by surprise my other woman was pregnant, saa huu wangu ako seven months na bibi yangu hajui, sitamwambia, hiyo ni shida, sasa akitokelezea nikikufa ni sawa

Another said

How do you expect us to tell our wives we have other families out there? If you tell her you will definitely die, and live a miserable life. Telling your wife is wrong wacha let things take its own course when you die

Two other men called in saying

It’s not wrong to have kids out there, it’s not wrong to have another woman out there but now the problem is when we don’t come out early enough, remember no lie lives forever, my brother has 13 children in his burial affected the wife, it affected the entire family.

So girls, do you see they would rather you be left to handle the drama on your own? Read one more confession

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