‘Why Do Women In Childless Marriages Get So Much Pressure To Have Kids?’ – Nick Odhiambo

During the morning conversation with Nick Odhiamno and Mwalimu King’ang’i, the two discussed a feature in a local daily about the crazy things women in childless marriages go through.

We all remember the story of Jackline Mwende, whose hands were chopped off by her husband because she did not bear children in their seven-year marriage, yet it turned out he is the one with a medical problem.

According to the article, being in a childless marriage in Africa, unlike the Western world, is a very big issue. Women in such unions or marriages, even where it’s the husband who is infertile, go through hell. They are either chased away, beaten or co-wifed¬†for the inability to give birth.

Nick Odhiambo could not understand why Africans or Kenyans are so paranoid when it comes to children, yet there are people in the West who go for years without getting children and either adopt or find other means of having kids.

Listen to the audio below as men and women talked about the agony of being in a childless marriage.

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