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‘Why I never settle for a Mbaba,’ Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika is happy with her beau Brown Mauzo. The two have been together for sometime now and are about to welcome a child. Sidika says most of her fans had adviced her to settle with a wealthy old man.

”Most of you all were busy advising me to get married and settle with a Mbabs, for money. Wealthy men bla bla… You didn’t want me to experience this happiness, fulfilled and so complete.Would that mbaba ever give me even 1 per cent love, affection and attention…”

vera and mauzo

”Be there through the pregnancy journey love me right and just make me happy. nooo. That is why I never listen to your talks. I follow my heart and what I want and today, I am honestly and genuinely happy. Married to a man who loves me unconditionally. He has been there always in the pregnancy journey.

“Always been there. Your mbaba could never be there for me.You wanted me to be in hell kind of a marriage spending time with drivers, bodyguards, nanny looking after me during a pregnancy instead of the mbaba coz he ain’t even have time for that.”

‘Vera Sidika is shipping in her little princess’ crib and clothing

In the past, Sidika said she had been dating wealthy men but ended up in premium tears.

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