Why Churchill Show comedian Jemutai wanted to sell her Facebook account

Churchill Show comedian Jemutai on Friday called on her fans to help her raise funds to support herself and her two babies.
Jemutai said she has been trying to make ends meet by trying different things, but things have not been working out for her after baby daddy left.
In a post on her Facebook, the mother of two said she wants people to help her get a job so she can fully support herself and her kids.
“I have received a lot of calls from guys wanting to know if this is true. Yes, it is. It was a desperate move, I really wanted to pay my bills. As a mother, I would do anything for my kids.
Those who felt offended that they are being ‘sold’, I am sorry. I have received a lot of phone calls from the people I know and the people I do not know. Personally, thank you so much for your encouragements.”
Earlier on, Jemutai revealed she was single and that her baby daddy left her.

The Churchill show comedian revealed this in an Instagram session where she answered fans’ questions.

 “I am not married, thank you,” she wrote
“From paying the bills, being a full-time mum/dad. Attending to a sick child. It is too much for one person to handle. If you are a deadbeat mum or dad, shame on you.”

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