Why can’t African men work with their wives? Maina asks

On the Wednesday morning conversation, it was about spouses working together.

Maina elicited a huge debate when he asked “Gentlemen let me ask you a question, can you work with your wife?

Mwalimu could not fathom such an idea “Ati I work with Mwongeli? That’s a no.”

Maina asked him why to which King’ang’i replied “That’s already an answer”

Maian remined him of former colleagues who worked together, ate lunch together and drove home together. So Maina asked why Kenyan men can’t emulate this.

“Why can’t you be like muhindi’s”

Mwalimu simply told him never “wale wako na hiyo grace we support them, mimi yangu ni ngumu. hatuwezi nanyamazana nyumbani halafu tuende offisi. Kama uko gifted in that area ni sawa, aie weuh na saturday an sunday tunashinda na yeye? aie, naeza choka, nachoka”

Mwalimu even added that he finds it weird that Muhindi men allow the wife to be the accountant. And Maina wanted to know why African men can’t do this.

Classic audiences responded saying it can’t work and they would rather die.

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