Why a man will date but not marry you – Burale

If you are doing this, stop it immediately according to the outspoken relationship expert who is digging in on dating and marriage mistakes.

Pastor Robert Burale is a very passionate man when it comes to relationships.

On his social media, he is very vocal as he advices youth on matters marriage and dating.

‘There were red flags he was cheating on me’ Burale’s ex wife opens up

In an exclusive interview with Classic 105, Burale sought to advice young girls

about s3x before marriage.

He said

no s3x before before marriage let me tell the ladies, the moment you allow yourself to sleep with a man before marriage your values goes from 100 to zero in one night.

so young girls don’t allow the man to use you let him enjoy the benefits on the wedding night 

Pastor Robert Burale

don’t get it twisted never go to the mans house on the first date never go to the mans house on the second date and never go to the mans house on the third date.

‘I look forward to marriage’confesses Pastor Robert Burale as he reminisces on his broken marriage 6 years ago

So when should one go to the mans house?

One should know the boundaries that you can respect that you can trust. first date you will lose respect. yes.. most ladies do that most men do that.. but that is the reason you date people, but you never end up marrying them.


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