Whoa! This Cashier’s Signature Is On EVERY Bank Note

The Bank of England’s chief cashier has revealed she doesn’t use contactless cards because she doesn’t completely trust the technology.

Victoria Cleland, whose signature is on every Bank of England note, said she prefers to use cash for small transactions.

The 47-year-old also says predictions of the death of cash are premature, insisting that ‘cash is definitely here to stay.’

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‘I personally don’t really use contactless,’ she told the Guardian.

‘To be blunt, it wasn’t on my card for a long time and so I’ve just got into the habit of preferring not to.

‘And I do hear stories of friends – this is a personal anecdote, this isn’t the official Bank view – whose money has been taken off contactless when you walk past something.

‘And it’s only up to £30. So I use cash for lower transactions anyway and for big ones contactless wouldn’t work.’

Ms Cleland said cash was used for 44 per cent of all transactions in 2016, the last year for which there is data available.

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