Pastor James Ng'ang'a

‘Who talks like that?’ Maina Kageni responds to abusive Pastor Nganga viral video

A clip of controversial Pastor James Nganga abusing people went viral.

An angry Nganga speaks terribly to the congregation, and KOT can’t handle it.

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni responded saying it’s shocking, but was even more perplexed by peoples somewhat relaxed reaction saying it’s a normal thing from Pastors to talk to the congregation like that.

Nganga in the clip is heard saying

if you are not going to respect my wife I will kick you out of my church

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In the six-minute clip widely shared online, an upset Pastor Ng’ang’a insults and threatens un-named individuals for disrespecting his wife.

“If you are not going to respect my wife I will kick you out of my Ministry it doesn’t matter who you are. This time I will show you my power. If you don’t respect her, leave my Church and go start your own wajinga hawa,” he yells in front of his congregation listen.

“You have become rich in my Church; stupid, arrogant, useless people, taka taka, rubbish. There is nothing you can tell me.”

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“I want full respect when I cough you answer, just the same way you did when you came here with torn clothes, and you’re rich because of me.”

nime sema kama hamtaheshimu mke wangu  I will not serve with you, he finishes.

A shocked Maina Kageni revealed what he would do if he were in the congregation.

let me first confess I’m not the most avid of church goers and I was looking at the reactions on social media, me I’m thinking kwani pastors talk like this?

Haya do you mean that’s how we are talked to , who talks like that?

alot of ladies were telling me they fear him. so if I was in that congregation I would have peed on myself.

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If your pastor speaks like this or if you understand where he comes from talk to me, Maina pleaded with Classic listeners.

Is this normal where you go to church? does you pastor talk like this, are you okay with this? Let’s talk.

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