Who Cares If It’s Fiction? Kenyans Praise Nairobi Uber Driver’s Confessions

Have you ever landed on an article online and been so captivated by it, you can’t put it down even if you have something else to do?

Yes? Well, that was me this weekend when an article written by an Uber driver on his blog was circulated on several WhatsApp groups.

So I logged on to read the whole piece and, boy oh boy, does it entertain.

The article has been written by Charles Chanchori @markmaish about life in Nairobi as an Uber driver. Read the article here Around Nairobi in One Night

Here are some excerpts, it’s so captivating you have to read it all;

“My name is Daniel and I am an Uber driver. I come from Githurai 45. I wanted to go home at around 23:00h because my wife doesn’t like it when I go home past midnight.”

Charles has stashed his gun and his two hand grenades somewhere inside the backseats and he has done it so well that not even the security check discovers them.

He points me to the parking lot where I park and he invites me to a meal in the restaurant.

This is one of those hotels where I only drop and pick people but I have never really been. My job doesn’t get me past the parking lot. So when Charles invites me to the restaurant, I am pleasantly surprised.

In my line of work, I meet many people. Students, lawyers, doctors, business folks, and they all talk the same. Though some lawyers can be a bit arrogant. And students can be irritating especially when they travel in groups and are collectively drunk as sailors.

Kirinyaga Road is lonely this time of the night. And when robbers commit their robberies, this is where they come to divide their loot. When cheap hookers get cheap clients who won’t pay for a room, it is not strange to see them having coitus under a lamppost along Kirinyaga Road. And here I stand with a complete stranger, enjoying dinner.

And to prove I wasn’t alone in loving the article, here are some reactions from Kenyans who think the blog should be turned into a Hollywood blockbuster. Read through and leave us your comments.

 The fiction story about the confession of the Kenyan uber guy should most definitely be made to a movie

Who cares if its fiction! The Kenyan Uber story was just great to the detail.

 Never read such a story as Kenyan Uber since I read My life in crime By John Kiriamiti.. In the whole story the Car was never fueled

 The Kenyan Uber is great Fiction story. I liked it. Thumbs up

 the story was fiction buh he was creative “Kenyan Uber”

 if only the Kenyan Uber was translated into a script, so much description in it



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