Which Body Shape Are You?

Ever heard the phrase ‘the dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress’? This is a tip every woman should have under her belt when shopping for outfits. The first step to buying well-fitting clothes that suit your body is knowing your body type. Which clothes accentuate your good features? Do you have a defined waist or bust, a curved bottom and a gigantic tummy? This doesn’t mean that you should only focus on one particular body part, the whole picture is what defines your true body shape.

Here are 5 different body shapes and the clothes that suit them.

1. The Pear
The pear body shape does not mean big, the weight is distributed evenly with more weight in the thighs and calves section and is sometimes called the triangle. Balancing the lower half of the body while accentuating the waist is also the aim with this body shape. A lines skirts, pants with simple or no pockets and dark in color are ideal for this body shape.


2. Hour Glass
She is the classic representation of feminine curves. She has a generous bosom, small waist and hips giving the hour glass shape. Recommended to show off your waist with fitting clothes that define your curves such as dress shirts, pencil skirts and high waisted pants. Figure-hugging outfits were invented for this body shape.


3.  Apple
This particular body shape is rounded with the tummy being the biggest part of the body. An apple body shape is encouraged to keep away from tight t-shirts and high waisted trousers or anything too bulky like padded jackets. Invest in tops that are tight under the breasts. Avoiding clothes that end at your fullest areas is also key and keep off belts.


4. Inverted Triangle
This particular woman has a large upper body with broad shoulders, a defined bossom and slim hips and a somewhat flat backside. This body shape tends to gain lots of weight on the upper body. Dark colored tops are recommended for this body shape with pants with embellished pockets or ballerina skirts recommended.


5. Straight Body Type
It is sometimes called a ruler or rectangle and is the most common body type especially with American women. The hips and breasts are the same small size with a smaller waist. Dressing this body type involves creating an illusion of a bigger bossom and therefore finding tops with structured shoulders and belted waists is the ideal go to outfit while the bottoms should also add curves to your lower body.




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