Where’s Cupid? 5 reasons why people think they are unlucky in love 


Who doesn’t play around with thoughts about being unlucky in love? Many of us struggle with this and are often left feeling jaded.

We question why some are always lucky to land the man or woman of their dreams and everything is lovey dovey. So what happens to the rest of us who are ‘unlucky in love’?

Here are reasons why we are unlucky in love.


  1. You’re dating to have fun: Being with someone to pass time Kenyans have normalized this ‘just having fun until I’m ready’ thing. The truth is, it’s often not the fact that you are “cursed” in love. Instead, it’s your own actions that are preventing your desired outcome.
  2. The excuse that I’m bad at relationships: People are not bad at relationships, our casual attitude is what makes our relationships appear unlucky in love.
  3. Not labelling a relationship: When we are unable to answer the ‘what are we’ question we make things casual so that we don’t scare away the other person therefore, we continue to hook up with him/her endlessly.
  4. Just incase: Many of us are guilty of dating multiple partners, just in case one doesn’t work out, we have another to fall back on and to test them if they are for keeps.
  5. Obsession with the ex: When you still pinning your hopes on your ex coming back, we ruin our chances at real love. The sooner you snap out of this delusion, the higher chance you have of finding something better.

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