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Where do you get the guts to sleep in a womans house – Maina Kageni

The Tuesday November 30th conversation was about men who move into a woman’s house plus those who do sleepovers.

Maina Kageni was stunned at this new behavior men have picked up, citing his friend who recently married and announced he was moving into his new wife’s house. The man told Maina he saw no problem with it.

Maina told that ‘even sleep overs Friday night you are there, nie ma. How do you stay in a woman’s house? How do you call her and say sweetie, I want to come over.’

A man tagged Maina on Twitter and told ‘Me I can’t unless it’s my mothers house. Small small argument unalala nje kama mbwa za Dandora’.

Maina added ‘ and you know the thing is it has become very normal for a man to call you and ask to sleep in your house. It is incredible.’

A woman called and explained ‘the woman nowadays are the men are you not aware of that? When you move into my house you have no right to tell me what to do and tukikosana you are the one to leave not me.That is the best way to live now. Men have taken advantage of us being good to them that now they underestimate us, so now we have a new way to play the game, so you move into my house and I will remind you so you have to keep quiet. Nobody will be able to control me, ati who is calling you why are you late? Nini unaniuliza?

A man told Maina that ‘you have no money to take her to a good hotel, that’s why we go there’

Another woman also called in to the studio to tell of her experience ‘I gave this man a chance to come over and sleep. You can imagine this man came, and he lied to his wife that his car had stalled and it would take days to fix it. And he stayed with me three days, hataki kutoka. Let me tell you, what I did. I told him I have been called my my work ndio atoke, let me tell you he came on Friday and on Sunday he didn’t want to leave. I will never repeat that ever. I can’t’



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