Where are young people getting their money from? Curious Maina asks

The horrific murder of prominent blogger Frank Obegi was a source of discussion for Maina and King’ang’i during the morning conversation.

Since the news of his murder emerged, some have alleged that the source of Frank’s wealth might not have been above board.

This was something that Maina touched on in the morning conversation asking young Kenyans what they did to generate income?

“Young people where are you getting money from? Guys, do you ask your younger brothers and sisters where they get their money from?” Maina asked.

The interesting answers are below;

Michael Akoko Maina it’s all about working smart and working hard there is nowhere money Is harvested even stealing requires working hard and smart

ndukumulinge Online writing employs a lot of Kenyans…some of those big marketing companies in the UK are controlled in Kenya…You earn in dollars and you are paid weekly…some of my friends genuinely earn over 2000dollars weekly.

Nyabiba There are many genuine ventures online. A great many youth are making genuine and good money online. Only a few spoiled ones are ruining for everyone else. I have earned honestly online for more than 7 years. Modest but genuine.

Rtd Captain Kale Who doesn’t want a soft life? Mimi nitasema tu, ukipata laini ya kupata pesa usiachilie. We die once. Kufa millionaire,acha kukaa ndee ukufe maskini yet you had ways of getting this great mula. Hata Mungu hapendi wajinga, so chapa deal na ucheze chini, potea.

denzel.collins Umesahau ile part ya “lakini hapana con mtu otherwise kuna repercussions”

Dennoh Introvert Money making strategies facing the youth are majorly due to peer pressure and lack of direct formal employment due to the belief that there are underlying connections pushing them away. That is sad and in my thirty’s I’d wish them to try a check their friends wisely haya!!

Manchuom10 Good morning Maina and Kingangi, manze nowadays these youths you can’t understand them, when you get in a club and you find those young guys I tell you utashangaa vile wamejaa vizuri na pesa zao……..

Eric Derick🇰🇪 one thing have learnt from these yahoo boys EASY COME EASY GO and while at it Life Gone! Hii life there is need to take it slow!

DAVYE RHYNO ™ Watu wengi wako online writing but zingine hukuwa scam Na unfortunately they can scam someone dangerous and the repercussions are like we seeing them…

fred muse. See the story of the young staff at treasury,earning 50k but her bank account has over 30 million public money wired into it. It’s all fraud,conmanship and deceit with these rich youths and not honest work.

Coast Ranger🚙 Those money are hard-earned Maina si aty ni short cuts.

Fredrich Onyango, HSC🇰🇪 Hunger and desire for quick money is leading Kenyan youth into early graves

Rozzie Ukitumia ujaja kucorn watu utajua hujui utakufa bure you must trust the process la sihivyo utajua wengine wanapatanga pesa zao na shida mtu akule jasho yake #MainaAndKingangi

Brian labatt Maina at this age lazima ujitume wacha niadikwe kwanza kama driver ntanyonya hizo petrol, tumia akili

Faith Imani From online jobs plus some of us get from parents and wababas

Michuki Gavana Those livish lavish lives are most likely thieves. Hard earned money is not wasted in bars drinking from Sunday to Sunday! #MainaAndKingangi

Wambui Waki There is no short cuts in life 😂😂

Regina2 Wengine ni online jobs but hawasemi ni jobs gani.

ReginaW That Regina song has made my day♥️

Wangechi Wa mwathi I don’t bother at all

fred muse. Its all fraud,local and international banks are victims of this fraud but can’t openly talk about it to protect their images.

Moses young Asking them will be like you wanna rob him or her so don’t expect them to answer some of them are so rude #mainaAndkingangi

evans kiprotich vijana need money, good money to impress our friends and women.fraud is becoming our daily norm.
If you want to know the good impact of wash wash syndicate, visit mulot: bomet county!

Rtd Captain Kale Mimi natafuta mama wa harrier, any links wakuu? I have good functioning omuzigidi #MainaAndKingangi

Erick Karani Those praising and bragging about Crypto currency, Online writing, online investments & Carding are all doing the same business. The words are just to make it more juicy and less suspicious.

perpetua You’re lying there are many young men who genuinely earn a living by online writing and crypto business pls do your research and come here with facts

DAVYE RHYNO ™ I just think at times… This overnight “kuomoka” always can’t be justified.. Na Hawa ndo pia hufile nil returns pale
@kra… Nonetheless they shouldn’t be murdered cz there’s the rule of law

Noah🇰🇪 The moment you love easy and lovish life, be ready for the consequence. This life always means someone is losing hard earned money, and soon he/she will catch up with you na hutapenda. Choose wisely

Chepkisa K To me nikiitiwa deal siwezi kataa,for you to get a nice pair of shoes pale halfman ni pesa,

Felo_mras❤💛💚 Sasa watuambie sisi wote tuachee job tufanye kazii yao juu ata sisi tunashangaaa

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