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‘Whenever you laugh I am left breathless’ Female caller confesses her undying love for Maina Kageni (Audio)

Mike Mondo is a fantasy for many women not only for the fact that he is organized but also because he has a voice to die for, leaving women lustful.

During the Morning show on Classic 105, women confessed to having Mike and Maina Kageni as their secret crush, with many wishing they could just meet the two. Well Mwalimu Kingangi is not impressed terming them as ‘pretenders’.

According to Mwalimu, these women are only after money but they won’t be getting any from Mike Mondo reason being

“Hao wanakudanganya wanapenda Uhuru not because of his fame and Maina Kageni because of his voice jaribu kuishiwa na pesa uone. Waambie Mike Mondo hana pesa,Kijana ndio ameajiriwa kazi sahi na bado wanataka kunyonya hio pesa kidogo ako nayo.

Wasichana watatumaliza,wanafaa wajue sauti haendanishi na mfuko. Dont’t think they love your voice its your money they are after your money. Wachaneni na huyo Kkjana hana pesa na hata hajaoa.”

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According to one of the women, her love towards Mike Mondo is driven by the fact that he is organized, has a nice voice and the way he dresses. Love or not, Mwalimu Kingangi thinks that Mike should be given some breathing space after all ndo anatafuta na hata hajaoa.

Another fan confesses her undying love for Maina Kageni and here is what she says

“Crush wangu ni wewe,na hio kucheka yako I am done, it’s better to just speak the truth, don’t blush I am only saying the truth.”

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