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‘Whenever I hear the songs you used to like I shed a tear’ Daddy Owen mourns his dad

Daddy Owen is still mourning the death of his dad, a year after he passed on.

In an emotional message on social media, he reminisced about their good old days.

He wrote

It’s 1 year since u left us dad.. we miss u alot.. u taught me alot Dad.. how to relate with people of kinds.. how to respect and love .. how to be a man.. whenever I hear the songs u used to like from the likes of Madilu.. Tabu Ley.. Franco.. Luseno.. I shed a tear.. u loved us , even though u dint go to school u made sure all of us went to school and u gave us what u never got when u were young.. U took a huge sacrifice to go to Nairobi to work so that we can go to school.. U exposed us to the best life yet for u no one gave u that life when u were young.. I love u dad.. I love u daddy .. RIP Mzee.”


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Almost a year ago after losing his dad, the musician penned how his dad was among the first people in their village to come to Nairobi.

“It was so hard, he was my inspiration in so many things. My dad never went to school but he struggled, came to Nairobi and worked hard for himself and us. He was among the first people in our village to go to Nairobi, he was about 14 then, he was a hero, and his nickname was ‘mzungu’.

The thing that hurts me the most is that when I last talked to him, he had gone for a medical check-up, I had processed medical insurance for him and it’s just the other day that the guys from the insurance company called and told me ‘your dad’s insurance is ready’ after he died. It was so painful because I wanted him to live a good life.

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daddy owen

I don’t know whether this is a good or bad thing; my father brought us up to be strong men, that even when you’re suffering you power through it. I wish he would have opened up more because even when he was going through something he would suffer in silence. He brought us up to be tough, to not complain all the time,” said Daddy Owen.”

The Malaika Awards founder also revealed that their father was so secretive and died before telling them more about his life

“He kept so many things to himself. Sometimes as men we get into this ‘cave’ in our heads and tell ourselves we will solve whatever’s going on then come out, but it gets deep and dark and you die inside there. I think my dad died inside his ‘cave’. There’s so much he didn’t tell us,’ he added.

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