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‘When I am influenced before I hear a case I get upset ‘ admits Judge James Wakiaga as he warns the media to keep off speculating on Jacque Maribe’s case

Jacque Maribe and Jowie have been remanded for seven days pending bail hearing.

The murder dcase was presented before Judge James Wakiaga who set the hearing of the case for 24,October at 11:30am.

Judge James Wakiaga asked the two to report back in court on Wednesday for the mention of the murder case.

“We will hear the application on from 11.30am,” Wakiaga said.

The judge said if need be, the accused may submit any supplementary affidavits before the date.

Of importance to note is that the judge has ordered the media from speculating on the case  and writing things that they have no proof of now that the file is before him.

He says

“From now that this file is before me,those statements you keep telling us about what you have done and what you have not done, what money has not been collected or recovered stop writing this.”

Here are the reasons why Jacque Maribe and Jowie might be denied bail

When entering the court the judge expressed why he has a negative attitude towards the media, strongly stating that he does not love drama in his court.

“My attitude towards you journalists is a little negative, I don’t like such things (over crowding) in my court we cannot not even work properly.

In as much as there is a right to information we also need (Court) to work in a more private manner.

Let’s be moderate enough, I am an old school judge who believes in blunt Justice when I am influenced before I hear a case I get upset.”

He adds

“I am the one likely to hear this matter and the informations you put out there might put me into a lot of difficult situations if I acquit these guys.”

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