When a man cheats it’s ok, but for a woman it’s a disgrace – Men tell Maina

Men’s manufacturing default settings are polygamous and women shoudl put up with it.

Men repeatedly told Maina Kageni on Wednesday October 13 that they are polygamous by nature and this habit must be supported without fault.

The confessions were as a result of Maina Kageni asking men why they can’t be forgiving of wives cheating yet they expect the same?

Here are a collection of men with their own experiences.

“Men are naturally polygamous. Only a man is allowed to go to that extend not a woman. A woman is not supposed to make a mistake.”

@KristophMutua...Mwizi hapendi kuibiwa hence it being hard for a man to forgive a straying wife….relationship is like a football game,only one goalkeeper is allowed in the field of play per team

Another man called in saying ‘Maina you need to understand something, according to manufacturers setting a man is manufactured to be polygamous, a woman supports her man achieve those polygamous dreams and when you ask me to be content with a woman to telelza there is no shetani when it comes to a woman, if I found out my wife has strayed that is suicidal, that’s not a mistake that is suicide straight away only a man is allowed to go to that extent, a woman is not allowed to make a mistake, a man is allowed to cheat, a woman isn’t”

Another man said “a man is promiscious by nature, be it a lion be it a bull, a male creature”


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