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What value is there in a broke man asks Maina and Kingang’i

Maina and Kingangi today had an interesting conversation about the merits and demerits of a man who doesn’t have money. Maina was of the belief that a man like that should not be dating.

Mwalimu Kingangi was saddened that men who did not have money were treated so badly by society. He said that even the chicken and people in church don’t respect such a man.

Kingangi hoped that people would not only value a man based on his pocket but also the wisdom that he might possess, saying that God cannot give one everything.

But Maina quickly countered saying,

How can a man who has no money be wise? How come men are broke and the women have cash? Bila pesa you are a walking corpse among Kenyan women

The comments to the discussion came hard and fast with some of the responses below,

If you don’t money, you don’t make sense – Wrote a Classic 105 fan.

Another man tagged Maina saying

You can’t disrespect men like that, please drop the discussion

Please stop talking badly about men, wisdom from a man will sustain you. Wacha kutudanganya Maina. Mwanaume si pesa ni akili Response from a female caller.

Mwanaume ni kupanda na kushuka. I have been broke for the past 2 months. Ni mashetani! – Response from a male caller.

Cha muhimu ni health – Written response from a man.

Conclusions are made by people with money – Response from a male caller.

Broke man is a ceremonial husband – Written response from a woman.

A man is money – Response from a male caller.

I am a man who is helped by his wife. When I have money, we help each other, when I don’t have money she helps me. Just yesterday, my wife gave me 35k. She is even paying the bill for the car. She even paid 80k last month for it.

Money can buy you happiness -Response from a female caller.

A man who is broke and good in bed is the most confusing thing for a woman -Response from a female caller.

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