woman kicked out for overstaying

What makes parents kick their kids out Maina Kageni asks (AUDIO)

A woman called in to the Classic 105 studios, recounting her anger at being chased away by her parents with a three-month-old baby.

The angry woman revealed she was just 23-years-old, when her ‘heartless’ parents kicked her out and yet she had not healed from the wounds of the C-section. She was chased away when it was raining heavily.

‘Maina some parents are just heartless, nilifungiwa nyumba, wakaniambia hatuna pesa sort yourself out, niko na mtoto amcnga sijapona kidonda, some parents are heartless, she narrated

It was raining and I was calling my parents ati hawana pesa. There are some arents who are heartless, she repeated.

How can it get there?

Mwalimu was not convinced by her story, and demanded she come clean on the matter. He insisted parents also get tired to the extent where they chase away their child.

He says there is a story behind her explanation. He adds that by the time parents chase away their child, there have been events leading up to this drastic action, when they say enough is enough. Parents have warned their kids, but they are not listening, what do you want them to do?

‘inafika mahali unachokesha mzazi now it’s to watch you’,

Do parents get tired? Are you a parent?

Have you ever gotten there with your parents to the extent they don’t care what happens to you?

Some parents even take their child to the police and beg them to arrest their child.

One caller said’ Maina, don’t blame parents, there are things we do to them. Like my sister was in Form two and she went and got married. when she was pregnant, the guy used to beat her up, and then she went back home to our parents. ‘alikuwa anaambiwa stop going back there‘, but she didn’t listen.

‘She was told to go and sort herself out. sometimes we are to push our parents to do so’.

A parent gives her reasons for kicking out her son, and why she has no regrets about it. Listen below.

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