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What has been your experience employing or working for a relative – Maina and Kingangi

On the Tuesday morning conversation, Maina was of the opinion that this topic would be interesting.

He reminded listeners of the viral video of a man blasting Kenyans who complain there are no jobs in Kenya. He dismissed them saying there are plenty of jobs, just that Kenyans are terrible employees and can’t be trusted.

Maina started off

“I want us to discuss about people who employ their relatives, because from the conveation on Monday people complained the most about hiring relatives. Whose fault is it when you hire relatives for cheap? Remember you hired them because they are cheaper.”

You get what you pay for. If you pay a rela 5k, what do you expect?

Mwalimu disagreed saying relatives don’t appreciate where you took them from “You make u feel like that uncle who promises to do something when we finish high school or college. Relatives should not steal from us, they need to  realize hii pesa inakuja kwa family”

Maina opened up discussion to the audience “I want to hear your experiences working for a relative that you have been accused of stealing of messing up the biashara. When you pay someone 3k a month what do you expect?”

Mwalimu said the relative after a month of employment wants to be elevated to your position. they should see it as a favor that I have chosen them, and they normally take advantage especially if you put them as a manager of a restaurant. weuh”

What is your experience employing a relative or being employed by a relative? Drop us your comments below.

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