What Gospel singer Kambua’s husband does when she is trolled


Gospel singer Kambua has not been spared the savagery that comes with trolls.

She knows all too well that this comes with the territory of being a celeb. Most recently she was forced to delete an apology when social media users hit out at her for creating drama during the Vuka New Years bash.

The Citizen TV host’s apology was the talk of town for a while, but it’s clear she moved on.

Speaking to Kiss FM’s Chito Ndlovu, Kambua spoke extensively about her marriage, and how it’s been six years on.

 Many peoples marriages are under attack, young people are beginning to feel like I don’t need to get married, because there is alot of stuff going on. How are you protecting your marriage?

A: Uhmm you know I don’t know how people do it without God, or and I’m not trying to super spiritualize this, but when you think of two people coming from two very different world, trying to merge and create one world, honestly it takes God to make it work. So, uhhmm yeah, six years into it so far so good, and I think that just learning to be friends with the person that you are married to, uhmm because you know that all that fluffly, lovey dovey feeling it kind of just 

Why gospel singer Kambua’s marriage has remained childless six years on

She continues;

‘..after you have kind of just, you’re in each others face, you’re not always feeling like oh my God..you’re heart is not always like you know! but uhmm he’s my friend, and I love to hang out with him, I love to spend time with him, so being friend with the person that you are married to and having God as a foundation’. 


Does he read all the blogs, that refer to him as an ancestor and their marriage?

A: uhmm you know one of the things I’m really grateful for is that I met a really strong man, and it’s because of him being strong that has helped me in my ministry, in my career, that he is not phased or moved by what people say, and for the moments where I’ve gone through things and felt ..ok..this has really hurt me, he has been there to speak life to me and to encourage me so you know,…how he feels about honestly..if there’s anyone who is not bothered, it’s my husband.. and I’m learning, he is teaching me how to do that, how to not care because either way, regardless of what you do, people will always have an opinion. It just comes with the territory, so yeah, he is cool. 

Gospel singer Kambua opens up about her ‘much older’ husband

She made it clear she will take things as they come.

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