What factors to consider when choosing outfits for hot weather

Nairobi weather seems to be warming up after weeks of rain and biting cold.

We will all probably be looking to dress up for the warmer weather and here is our guide for dressing up to be comfortable specially if you are in your work place.

Tokeo la picha la person dressed for hot weather

They include;

Material of the fabric

The best clothes to wear in this season are those made of linen and cotton. This is because people sweat hence the cotton cloth will absorb the water fast. Look out for items that are 100% cotton.

Tokeo la picha la cotton clothes

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Color of the cloth

It is advisable to wear bright colored garments because dark colors tend to absorb more heat as compared to bright clothes.

Size of the cloth

Avoid tight clothes during the high temperatures. This is to create a cool environment for your body allowing free circulation of air. When there are high temperatures and humidity at the same time you level of concentration will decrease.

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Weight of the cloth

The weight of the cloth you wear should be very light. This is because the light fabrics tend to dry fast hence traces of sweat cannot be spotted on them.

Nature of the cloth

The nature of the cloth should be your number one concern. The cloth should be comfortable generally that gives you the best appearance no matter the weather and temperature.

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Cloth construction

You need to shop clothes that are sown in a way that prevents you feeling the suns hot rays.

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