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What Chris Brown wants to be remembered for

Singer Chris Brown has a couple of things he would want to be remembered for. The ‘Undecided’ hitmaker shared that kindness and showing up for the people he cares for are some of the things he wants to leave as his legacy.

The singer went on to add that acknowledging his toxic traits is something to be remembered for ;

“I wanna be remembered for my kindness, for showing up, for giving second chances, for acknowledging my own toxic traits & for loving selflessly. if that ain’t it then i failed horribly. remember to extend grace because we’re all just walking each other home”

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Fans received his quote with mixed reactions as others reminded him of the year 2009 when he was accused of physically abusing his then girlfriend Rihanna.

Eminem tells Rihanna ‘it was wrong of me’ for siding with Chris Brown after assault

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