We Weren’t Ready!!! This Is How Femi One Looks Beneath All That Make Up (Photo)

Many times, we hear men complain about women’s makeup to a point they confess how traumatized they are when they see them without makeup.

Last year, there was an article that caught the eye of many, of a man who sued his wife after he saw her face the next day without make up. Many people found it really funny, even though some thought he took the situation too far.

femi one

Femi one has finally showed her real face and what she hides under all the layers of make up she puts on. It’s pretty evident that she’s really pretty, I even wonder why she has to hide all that beauty with make up.

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But many people might think she looks weird without the make up. Maybe she does it out of fun or maybe to hide the freckles. Either way, she looks amazing with or without make up.

Check the photo of her with and without make up;


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