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Wema Sepetu’s intense desire to get a child revealed (photo)

Wema Sepetu is one of the most outspoken of Tanzanian female celebs. The former Miss Tanzania has been in the public spotlight ever since her famous win, dating celebs and who is who’s during that time.

The beauty has kept herself in the limelight with her cooking show and sees no problem revealing her inner and deeper thoughts and fears.

The actress who turned 30 this year, has been longing for a child for a long time and disclosed recently that her weight loss journey was aimed at helping her conceive.

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But she said that had turned risky as she was exposed to rays and medications that would have brought cancer. For this reason, she has been living a healthy lifestyle hoping for the day she carries her own child.

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She said that she has been waiting for a doctor’s assessment on whether she can bear children; Wema continues to make it known that she is quite desperate to have a child of her own who will call her ‘mummy.’

Juma Lokole, the famous Tanzanian bise3ual and who was recently hosted on her Wema’s show shared a message on his page that read, “Mtag Rafiki yako unayetamani apate mimba ya Ghafla” (Tag a friend who wants a sudden pregnancy).

His post was quickly reposted by Wema with the petite lady tagging herself as seen on the screenshot above.

Wema Sepetu screenshot
Wema Sepetu screenshot

Clearly, the bug to get a child of her own is still in her. While we pray that she gets a kid soon, Miss Sepetu was twice pregnant with late actor Steven Kanumba’s seed but at the time she opted to abort.

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