Weird things people do while deep asleep

We all love sleeping. If you could find a way to just sleep and still get money that would be ultimate level of satisfaction. If you recorded yourself sleeping chances are that you did either of the following:

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1. Sleepwalking

Back in boarding school we had these guys who would walk asleep in the darkest time of the night. They found their way to the loo and back to the bed. Rule had it that you shouldn’t touch nor talk to them cause they could die from a possible heart attack. Whoever sold us such a misconception, God redeem your soul

2. Sleep-talking

They create a whole speech with themselves. They argue, curse and compliment the person they speaking to. They laugh to jokes said to them by the virtual being.

sleep talk

Apparently when they wake up, they have no clue about what happened. They can easily slip their secrets to those around.

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3. Sucking fingers

We have friends who suck fingers while asleep. It’s something inherent since childhood. They suck it until it’s pale and thing at the tip.

4. Sleeping with eyes open

This scares the hell out of me personally. They look half dead. I wonder how their eyes never run out of tears to at least have them wake up.

sleep pic

5. Chewing the tongue

They sleep while chewing their mouth like gum. It sounds disgusting but who are we to judge. Back in  high-school we had identified those who chew tongue and as always we were nasty. We would put soap in their mouth waiting for them to eat it. Drama happens when someone wakes up. The mouth burns like someone who’s eaten pepper.

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