Weird things everyone does when they are home alone

Being alone is probably the best feeling ever. It gives you a chance to meditate and even do some stuffs that you cannot do in the company of people.

The truth is that we all do embarrassing things when we are by ourselves because we naturally embarrassing, disgusting humans. Thank god we have society and all to keep us in line. Here are just a few things most of us (ADMIT IT) do at home when we know nobody will see us and dump us forever;

1. Run your fingers through your unwashed hair all day long, impressed with yourself with just how much oil your skull has produced. Good job, skull.

It is embarrassing doing that in-front of your pals so we do that when alone.


2. Give the inside of your ear a good scratch with your index finger, wipe away the earwax on the couch or something.

Are we together in that? have I reminded you what you have just done today or last night. Girls, your men do this in your absence and they do not wash their hands.

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3. Pull a plate out of the sink and use it even though it’s a little dirty, because there are no plates left and thought of doing dishes makes your want to vom*.

This is not for just men, girls too do that. Tusibishane priis!

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4. Go pee with the door open and let your cat sit on your lap because sometimes it’s better than peeing alone.

If you do not have a cat, trust me you have a doll that accompanies you in the toilet. You also do not pull back your trousers and you walk naked in your room.


5.  Fart and be genuinely astounded with how potent and stinky the smells coming out of your body can be sometimes.

6. Look your exes up on social media and calling them with private number just to hear their voices, and snort audibly when you see they married someone ugly. Good work, buddy.

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